I'm running the 2 Environmental presets for the various molds growing in my home. I gathered samples and I'm using the spooky boost with the white remotes. How long do you suggest running these frequency protocols for?

The Environmental Presets run until they are effective, and for Mold, this can be 3 weeks to several months.

One thing that I have recently found on this group is that to help detox mold toxins, to run a Footbath (C) -JW which includes the 100% Offset. I have changed one of my healing Remotes to use this Offset, and it seems to be helping to clear much of the brain fog, and some of the pain. I am hoping the benefit continues, as I have only been doing it via remote since Sunday morning...

Hydrogen Peroxide seems to do a better job than vinegar for cleaning mold and keeping the toxins contained.

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