Significant improvement in brain function in a subset of Alzheimer's (AD) and Parkinson's (PD) patients within days through the detoxification of gold.

Both these conditions often have prion infection in addition to better known mercury and aluminum toxicities in the brain, beta amyloid etc. If the immune system is reasonable the detoxification of gold is enough to enable the immune to recognize and dispose of these misfolded proteins which block receptors and synapses in the brain.

If immune system is weaker there is a one-day herbal recipe that can kill prions you can find in Hulda Clark's Cure and Prevention Of All Cancers. I won't give it away here because I'm sure it is copyrighted and the book is absolutely fantastic anyway.

Gold is very unreactive metal of low toxicity that should be safe to detox even in sensitive patients. I used Spooky but a homeopathic remedy should be effective also. I believe all my gold was gone within hours but if you are using a homeopathic on an elderly person I would continue for a week. All gold must be removed before use of the herbal recipe. Expect to see improvement in brain function quickly (within days of the prions being cleared).

Hope this is useful to some. I don't have PD or AD but was infected with prions from killing the parasite macracanthorhyncus. If you kill this parasite you could infect yourself with prions and you will also benefit from detoxification of gold.

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