Do the makers of Spooky believe Lyme and Morgellons are so closely related as to be the same thing?

1. No. They are different issues, but there are many related possible co-infections and the process to kill pathogens is the same in any complex, multi-pathogen diseases that it is easier to make one protocol that handles everything, as there would only be a few differences - and no one can guarantee that they don't have some of both working together from some point in their past.

There is a significant amount of energy required to keep any Protocol updated as changes are made in software, etc., that it makes sense to make one universal protocol that works really well, and keep it working well, than to have several and have none of them properly updated, etc.

2.Not every person who has Lyme has morgellons but every person that has morgellons almost always has lyme.

3. David Bourke once said most all people have some level of morgellons and is why we should stick to the protocol and run morgellons when we are think we only have Lyme.

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