I ran the environmental mold preset, which must have released tons of toxins into the air. Now I have neurological symptoms like slurring my words, memory issues and fogginess. Is there a healing preset for the brain?

1. There's Stimulate clarity of thought/mental function; and, of course, Stimulate the immune system - in database. But please don’t stimulate your immune system if you have Lyme or autoimmunity issues! You would use detox frequencies, liver kidney, loads of binders, support and open detox pathways, and loads of lemon water and VC!

2. You can use the All Maintenance shown below.

There are some other healing Presets from the Morgellons & Lyme Protocol shown below as well that may be helpful... As always, read the Notes and even the Programs list to see whether these may be helpful for your situation.18449674_1318784728159094_6654538350429467248_o.jpg

For more details, please check the link:

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