If you have used Spooky for mold eradication, do you actually see it go away, or does it just not reproduce anymore? How long does it take? I'm talking about mold in a house, etc.

When we removed carpet, the subfloor had mildew-mold. The spores filled the room. I ran the ozone machine which weighted the spores. Then cleaned with bleach water. Ran ozone overnight then once that dried I did colloidal silver. I also ran a sample on remote for about 3 weeks. I covered the subfloor with new flooring so I can not verify none came back. I know that room does not smell musty any more.

I love my room ozone machine. Suppose to let it air out half time what it ran. IE runs 8 hours, air out 4 hours. I would definitely ozonate each room before I moved in and yours too if it has not sold. Just really freshens a home like after an electrical storm. It will attach to floating particles to make them drop.

Especially good after ripping up or putting down carpet due to all the toxins it stirs into the air. Hope it helps. And if it rums too long, it can kill plants, deteriorate plastic and rubber. Consider this. Think most machines now have a limit how long they can run.

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