How to kill bed bugs

1. Run bugs on spectrum sweep. It takes 1-3 weeks. Only kills bugs of the same DNA, so after 5-7 days get another sample to add to the Remote. 

Food grade Diatomaceous Earth is an all natural drying powder. Dries out bugs. Internet search it. 

2. We successfully got rid of bed bugs very quickly after we, unfortunately, brought some up after staying in the parents' room when our baby was in NICU. We used only natural products and it was really easy! You can get bed bug mattress & pillowcase covers - then little holders to put diamatecous earth in that kills them for ensemble beds. For beds with frames, we put sticky stape the wrong way out around all legs then the DE powder around all of the mattresses where it sat on the frame. It only took a week or less and we didn't feel or see them again!

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