Any one have success with chronic Sinusitis? Did you use the laser in the nose?

1. It is possible that this may require a run through the Biofilm Presets in the Morgellons & Lyme Protocol in the event that there is a biofilm that is keeping the pathogens protected from the antibiotics...

We did this earlier this year via remote to clear a full respiratory infection that wouldn't clear.

2. I ran a load of CAFL frequencies with no effect on Remote when I had bronchitis. Nothing would touch it not even allopathic stuff. In the end I directly targeted it with colloidal silver in a nebulizer, twice a day for two days and it was gone. If I was to redo it with remote. I would use some phlegm as a sample for remote and adjust various waveforms like H bomb.

3. I'm not sure if there is a definite answer. In general I use killing for sinus but I encourage you to experiment with your idea of detox on another gen.

Sinus Bacteria (PROV),
Sinusitis Frontalis (CAFL), and in particular 320Hz +/- 0.5 Hz on its own brings some relief
Sinusitis 3 (CAFL)

are the ones I most often use; labelled under sinus in the original database(s). I would give them only a 5/10 for long-term effectiveness with remote; your mileage may be better. MM_Sawtooth_Harmonic waveform appears to be better than sawtooth in my tests & 320 Hz with that waveform and a small % frequency wobble with contact is better.


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    I had excellent results on sinusitis.  Overnite using the remote method and presets.

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