If I get going with spooky2 would it help with teeth issues without having to remove them. I have been working with improving my health over last few years I have some inflammatory conditions and probably parasites.

1. I can't say anything against the Dentist, etc...

Spooky can assist with killing pathogens, although within the root canal, it may require the Plasma energy to get into this area, since there may be pockets where there aren't cells with DNA in which the "bugs" may live.

There are also programs to assist with nerve repair, etc., which may help nerves damaged in this area.

2. Huge amounts of mercury will make you prone to candida and parasites like Ascaris, which mop up mercury (but you don't want them!). If I were you, I would use spooky2 - there are many treatments that will help. I wonder about more and more dental treatment and implants. I would be inclined to see a kineseologist who could test you for future implants, and a naturapath - or a good therapist, who could give you neutral advice about your dental health. Remember to do detox with spooky. There's also a radiation treatment (from x-rays etc). When you do the dental treatments, don't forget gingivitis, peridontal, paradontal, cementoma etc. Maybe do a scan to find out what resonates with you. Look up the bone treatments, like 'bone disease and peridontal'.

3. "Exposed Dental Nerve" frequency may be good for "tooth nerve was exposed"


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