Does anyone know of any frequencies (and suggested settings) which will make a drunk (from alcohol) person sober?

1. Drink with less frequency! Always works.

2. You could try Essential Oil - Coffee MW; as an experiment.

3. Orgone charged water from the fridge.... keep a fresh supply as it charges overnight.

You should drink Orgone charged water every day as it heals you from with-in! - I drink 3 or 4 pints of Orgone charged water from the fridge every day. You will also notice the wonderful difference it makes to other food products within the fridge - Even my White Wine is charged with Orgone. Note: Orgone converts bad negative energy to positive energy i.e. you can actually drink yourself healthy.

4. What has worked for me extremely well for this is Detox frequencies and hang over frequencies. Also try activated charcoal and plenty of filtered or fresh spring water.

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    GayLan King Frederic

    Where can we obtain orgaron charged (would that be ozone?) water?


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    ... Basically Alcohol strips all nutrients and water from your cells, so your cells have nothing to work with to keep the body in control ( Drunk ) It ages your cells quickly and all of your organs.. If you must drink you must have water between drinks, and replace it with Multi Vitamins .. B complex vitamins helps get your cell communications back into order, Unless you have eaten bad foods at the time like MSG, Colours, Additives etc .. This does nerve damage .. Hope this helps ..


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