Do electro magnetic shields like CMO cones or stickers interfere with Spooky efficiency? CMO cones Block wifi and a lot of other bad frequencies but I don’t know if they also block the good ones.

I have used organite and other methods to reduce EMFs and Geopathic stress. Then, as an amateur dowser, I found these could be neutralised energetically using a pendulum. Spooky2, on remote, is using quantum entanglement to transfer frequencies to your DNA and then to you. I doubt very much whether CMO cones or any other device/crystal could interfere.

There is no connection to your DNA. Someone called Tom Paladino claims to heal using Scalar energy. Years ago the Russians were trying to use Scalar as a weapon of war. Many think scalar energy is pseudoscience. Orgonite is supposed to emit some kind of scalar and/or Tesla energy. This is all speculative (although I do believe orgonite can work). Spooky2 is based on healing by frequencies, based on the work of Rife, Hulda Clark and others. There is no need to worry about such things.

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