Can I use this tick that was found on my husband remotely to keep ticks out of our yard or do I have to know for sure if it came from my yard for that to work?

The concept of remote use has no distance. Even if the tick were from another country or universe. Instantly connected.

Rifing the tick or any bug only kills the bugs with the same DNA. Perhaps will kill a nest of bees, roaches of same family, ants from same ant hill and ticks of the same family.

If this tick came from husband's work, it would not be the same family as the one in your yard.

If you have a dedicated generator as it takes 3 weeks, I am sure it would be great to rid that particular tick family no matter where it is. But it does take at least 3 weeks. I have bought a dedicated generator for insect control. But currently a human needs it. So now need more generators.

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