What is the difference between rife frequency and scalar wave healing?

Rife Frequency is the MOR frequency for a pathogen or an "entrainment" frequency for an organ or system, or a resonant frequency for a specific substance (usually a toxin) to shake it loose and allow the body to move it out. This frequency may be sent to the body using any of the transmission modes, Plasma, Contact, Remote, Laser, PEMF, Radionics - and whatever else comes out later.

Scalar waves are the waves by which the frequencies are sent to the body when using Remote transmission method - and also maybe somewhat when using the Plasma, if DNA is placed within the near-field (6 inches or less) of the bulb.

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    I am not on facebook. was once but got tired of the politics. How can I access the "more details about the frqency question? Thank you 

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