I decided to dedicate two generators to running the 11 day terrain protocol with a 15 minute offset. I.E. first I started one generator, then waited 15 minutes and started the second generator running the identical protocol. Is it ok?

1. Running one should be sufficient, but running two shouldn't hurt, unless you herx. too much. If so, just stop one.

Most of the Terrain Protocol steps are 24 hours, but some are 12. If you look at the chain list in the Notes of the Preset, it shows which days there is one program and those with 2 in the day.

2. Use multiple generators to help with the things that worry me and that I want to clear up quickly. Not sure if I herx but a recent horrible cold may have been one, and if you herx badly it could be nasty. So monitor yourself carefully and pause for a few hours if you feel unwell.

For more details, please check the link:

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