Is there a frequency set to prevent Lyme if I have just been bitten by a tick?

1. A frequency can't prevent infection. It may be able to kill the pathogens that are present if you know what they are. Or if you are able to use the Grade Program function of the Biofeedback scan feature to determine which frequencies from probable possibilities.

It may be able to stimulate the immune system, which may be able to defeat the infection.

2. This article talks about what to take homeopathically after a tick bite:

3. These are my - Chaffee Cline, Spooky2 and added strategies I use when bitten by a tick, and or think have been in contact with Lyme pathogens, as I live in tick country, here on the Northern CA coast.

#1. I first grab my bottle of Spooky2 Colloidal silver, and pour a few oz's into cup and drink that. I will do this every few hours. I will also put the colloidal silver on bite area to kill any possible pathogens asap.

#2. I will then to Spooky2 biofeedback session asap, this will find most specific lyme frequencies I need to stop spirochete parasites, bacteria, bio-warfare pathogens, virus, etc.... I will loop these frequencies with:

A. Black top remote and "Killing (R) - JW" preset (12-72 hours)
B. White top remote and "Healing (R) - JW" preset and "Killing (R) - JW" (12-72 hours)

#3. On another generator I will click on all relevant lyme frequencies and loop those back and forth with:

A. Black top remote and "Killing (R) - JW" preset (12-72 hours)
B. White top remote and "Healing (R) - JW" preset and "Killing (R) - JW" (12-72 hours)

Note: The white remote, one can use both "Healing (R) - JW" and "Killing (R) - JW" preset. The white remote can kill and heal.

#4. I will then mix a big tablespoon of Food Grade D-Earth" with water, juice, soup or smoothie and drink this. I myself take this every few days for lyme and health maintenance. More info: Diatomaceous Earth--Guard against tick bites:

#5. Create affirmation's and say them loudly with conviction. example: "I now put my foot down, no parasites are ever allowed in my brain and body, they are now all evicted, forever and ever" :)

(R) = Remote
Preset = Healing (R) - JW - (JW = John White)
This detox recipe is in process, please comment for possible upgrades.

Note: There are many Lyme disease transmission delivery methods a) Ticks b) Mosquitoes c) sexual transmission d) pets ie saliva bring ticks into home e) fleas f) biting sand flies at beach g) chemtrails h) blood transfusion g) birth, mother to child h) Dust mites i) Deer and or biting flies.

For more details, please check the link:

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