In terms of dealing with Epstein barre. Would the morgellons Lyme protocol be best or should I choose the individual EBV presets that I've found in the programms section?

1. I think I'm going to run it through the protocol. It has been carefully created to follow the rules of rifing~ kill smallest to biggest... Or hit what's in the container then the container itself. Safest way~

2. You could stick with the ML protocol and, as a check it's gone, do a Graded Scan from all the EBV in database. Maybe add another virus like CMV to the scan (that is another common virus) to make the scan interesting. My EBV has gone, but it took persistence.

On my EBV scans one frequency kept coming up as a first top hit (maybe 800 htz - I forget). So I did an Optimize scan on that one stubborn frequency, and it soon went.

For more details, please check the link:

3. Presets for EBV: 

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