If anyone has any experience treating Mastocytosis/Mast Cell Disorders with spooky?

1. Gadolinium poisoning from MRI dye is in antibiotics too. Found this is a nanotechnology used in many products very toxic. A good start is

2. I've had MCAS my whole life. Just recently began treating it with Spooky2. Doing a bioscan (with a new scan every week or so ) and running the results as treatment (in contact mode)at least one hour a day . I experience total relief while I am in contact mode running the scan results. I have also been running the frequency for mastocytosis for a minimum of 1 hour per day this past week .The symptoms appear to be settling down. When MCAS gets triggered for me it can last for a year on average, with nothing offering true relief. This episode has begun turning around as soon as I started Spooky protocol. My golden rule is to stay away from anything that may suppress symptoms.

For more details, please check the link:

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