I've ME/CFs for years. I found that I had traces of nerve agent VX in my system which had been there for many years long. It’s possible that other people with long term chronic conditions may have been affected by nerve agents without being aware of it.

1. I did a little research on VX and found the CDC's page about it:

Went searching some more and came across Mike Adams' short podcast on the possible connection between glyphosate and VX nerve gas. It's a rather rambling, drawn out piece. I just played it while I was doing some work in the kitchen. If anything, it's something to be aware of:

I'm not entirely convinced by Mike Adams' reference (to one article drawing a link between VX and glyphosate) to establish a connection between organo phosphate nerve gas agents and glyphosate. I have to research it more.

The researcher catching my attention these days is Dr. Stephanie Seneff, who is featured in many videos on the health hazards of glyphosate in our food supply. Here's one; there are many others:

Some have put forward the hypothesis that VX is being sprayed on general populations as part of chemtrails in some areas as well (links to articles and YouTube videos can be found with a search engine).

Typing [glyphosate, VX nerve] into a search engine will also bring up a wide variety of links for further investigation.

At any rate, detoxing glyphosate might be worth consideration. Spooky2 software does have a Glyphosate detox frequency (23355767.753) with the following note: "Glyphosate MLDB. Experimental. May destroy toxic mutagenic pesticide."

2. There is information online about VX and tests done in the 1960s around the Pacific ocean and other places. Just Google nerve agent XM. This may not apply to everyone with ME and will probably affect ME people in different ways. I know it applies to me from the diagnostic service tests. We know with ME we are sensitive to chemicals, herbicides, pesticides etc but this VX one for me stood out as being different. Also with ME have a look at Judy Mikovits on Google. She is the whistle blower. Retroviruses play a very big part. These are directions we can go in instead of running around in circles trying out bandaid treatment, and believe me after 36 years I've tried just about everything.

For more details, please check the link:

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